Shiv ling parad wholenath Shankar Mahadeva(idols)


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Product Type : Para (Mercury)

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  Color    Silver
  Product Dimensions   3.3 x 3.5 cm
  Weight    108 Grams
  Primary    material para

Shiv ling parad wholenath Shankar Mahadeva(idolsaTruth (Satyam) is God (Shiva) and God (Shiva) is Beautiful (Sundaram). Sit on an Asana (in Lotus position if possible) mat in front of the alter, facing Northern direction. In your right hand, take some grains of rice, a few drops of water, money and flower. Now, meditate upon Lord Ganesh, your spiritual teacher (Guru), all the Gods with the Gayatri mantra (I am sure you know this mantra); meditate upon Devi Parvati (the consort of Lord Shiva) and then finally upon Lord Shiva. Mention your full name, address and the date and time etc. Talk in your mind with Lord Shiva and tell him all your problems, concerns and quest to achieve etc. Talk to him like you are talking with your dear friend, your beloved friend! Shiviling is available in different materials and one such is, the one made of mercury - liquid metal. Mercury is known as parad (in hindi paaraa). What importance does it hold? It is not mere conjecture but in actuality human mind is more often than not unsteady, and parad too has the same property. If mercury is stabilized through different processes and a parad shivalingam made out of it, it has tremendous stabilizing effect on the person sitting next to it and meditates. According to scriptures persons who were blessed in the previous birth are bestowed with it in the next birth. So considering its importance and steadying effect persons with great indecisive mind must meditate sitting next to this wondrous shivling.


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