(Ayurvedic) Indrajav kadva Pooja item


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Indrajav kadva Pooja samagri dharmik anusthan, (& vishes shugandhit Indrajav) weight = 50 gram pack

Indrajav kadva Pooja samagri dharmik anusthan me (& vishes shugandhit Indrajav) Pooja item. weight = 50 gm) Indrajav is used in the composition of the havan. Leaves are acute, thermogenic, anodean, and hypotential and it is very useful in the condition of autonatlagia, vata and hypertension. Seeds are bitter, astringent, sharp, insecticidal, constipation, incision, insecticidal and antiphlogistic. In addition, Indrajas are used for the maintenance of general health and vitality. This natural supplement with others in the Hesesh Health Care range comes from Ayurveda, ancient Indian medicine as part of a healthy lifestyle.


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