Coloured Brass Bell, Pital Ghanta , Mandir Bell, Temple Bells


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Product Type : Temple Bell's

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  Length   11 cm
  Width    8.5 cm 
  Chain length   22 cm
  Weight    348 gm
  Colour    Red & Blue
  Metal    Brass

Brass Pooja Bell with Hanging Chain - Red Colour 'Ghanta''. Bells are an important part of Hindu temples. A well-designed bell produces long strains of the sound 'OM'. Its sound also drives away the evil forces, negative energies and bad omens. The sound from a bell. The body of the bell represents time - Ananta. The Ghanta is considered to represent Hanuman, Garuda, Nandi or Chakra. So when the bell is rung, all these gods.


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